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This blog is to supply you with infinitely useful Dutch phrases. You might be wondering, "Why, when will I ever use Dutch?" That's the exact point of this: You never know! Who knows the next time you might be suddenly mobbed by angry Dutch activists will be, or when that new exchange student shows up speaking Dutch, or when you find yourself lost in a windmill! These infinitely useful phrases sure will be useful then! So study up, and thank us later for our helpful phrases.

Daily Phrase 21

Phrase: Ik ga op u zitten.

Translation: I'm going to sit on you.

Example for use in normal conversation:
A: I'm so stoked for the band Shaded By Buildings to perform tonight!
B: Well, I'm a larger fan of Terry Kittrick & The Sperm Whales*, even though they're the opening act.
A: I hear the seats are very high up, did you bring your binoculars?
B: No, ik ga op u zitten.

*one band (not Terry Kittrick with the band The Sperm Whales, but the band: Terry Kittrick & The Sperm Whales) ... just to make that clear


Tom McGlothlin said...

Het leven gaf me citroenen, en ik vertelde hen om te zwijgen en te werken.

The Dutch Daily said...

Het leven gaf me citroenen eveneens, en ik wierp hen bij u.

Cuboid Master said...

PLEASE WRITE MORE! The absence of new entries makes me cry.

Necrid said...

Here is one for you all.

Ik zeg maar zo, want dat is korter als dierentuin.

I rather say this, Because it's shorter then Zoo.

Pronunciation +/-:
ich'k zech moar zoo went det is korter den deirantuun.

Karina said...

It would be so much funnier if the Dutch 'translations' were correct! I'd be happy to help (sometimes)
Actually you know what, nevermind, this way it's funny in a more confusing kind of way.