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This blog is to supply you with infinitely useful Dutch phrases. You might be wondering, "Why, when will I ever use Dutch?" That's the exact point of this: You never know! Who knows the next time you might be suddenly mobbed by angry Dutch activists will be, or when that new exchange student shows up speaking Dutch, or when you find yourself lost in a windmill! These infinitely useful phrases sure will be useful then! So study up, and thank us later for our helpful phrases.

Daily Phrase 15

Phrase: U bent stom. Een schande aan mensheid.

Translation: You are stupid. A disgrace to mankind.

Example for use in normal conversation:
A: Did you hear that Obama won the presidential election?
B: You know, I once ate a peach.
A: U bent stom. Een schande aan mesheid.

Public Service Announcement: We have no further announcements at this time. Go vote on the polls.


Anonymous said...

i thought mccain won

Anonymous said...

U bent stom. Een schande aan mensheid.

Anonymous said...

Not to piss you off, but my roommate wanted to learn some Dutch and showed these to me (native Dutch speaker) Almost all of these grammatically wrong! Keep up the good work though, 'cause what they are supposed to mean is really funny ;).